Beeminder Recipes

Persistent Routines

I want something that will poke me on a daily basis, a reminder I can’t (safely) ignore (hygiene).

Do-more Nudge

I want to be motivated to do more on a goal than I normally would (exercise).

Tracking Goal

I want to track data (health metrics, meta goals).

Going Hard Core

I never want to have even the option of derailing (addictions, hard-core commitments).

Clarifying Exceptions

I want to have the option of derailing in unusual circumstances using a pledge bright line (work or study hours).

Back Burner / Life Support

I want to maintain a low commitment on something that I just don’t want to die (side projects).

Far Horizon Reminders

I want to make sure I don’t forget to do something that I only need to do every so often (check oil, check fire alarm batteries, etc).


I want to have the freedom of doing an activity without risking a self-destructive binge; just need a guardrail (gaming, YouTube, social media).

Behavior Elimination

I want to actively eliminate an activity from my life (addictions, negative health behaviors).

Jump Starters

I just want something that will encourage me to put in the activation energy of starting, but will leave me free to do as much or as little as I want beyond that (side projects, exercise).

Toe Dipping

I want to start my goal out very conservatively and not feel forced into ratcheting it up until I feel ready (scary goals, exercise, side projects, anything).