Beeminder universal fineprint for Narthur

A derail is not legit if any of the following conditions are true, unless the goal’s fineprint explicitly nullifies the relevant conditions.

1. General

  1. It happened between sundown Friday night and midnight Saturday night.
  2. It happened because of automation gone awry.
  3. I met goal requirements but botched data entry.
  4. I met goal requirements but couldn’t enter data because of lack of Internet access.
  5. My wife vetos the derail (due to sickness or any other reason).
  6. The goal is related to my wife and she decides she’d rather I do something else instead or nothing at all.
  7. I derailed because we needed to do something related to our home purchase.
  8. The goal is a part of an evening or morning routine waterfall and we’re not at home.

2. Contracting Goals

  1. The associated contract has been completed or otherwise terminated.
  2. Progress can’t be made due to the unavailability or unresponsiveness of the client.
  3. The goal pertains to contracting generally and I had no active contracts at the time of derail.

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