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What is Beeminder? Beeminder is a service that helps you keep track of what you want to be doing, but maybe are having trouble actually following-through. It takes data, either that you enter or that’s automatically entered from dozens of different services (see Integrations), and it keeps track of data in a cool graph! The catch is that you set an amount you must do per day/week/month, and if that amount isn’t met then you get charged money. That’s the sting of Beeminder!

Getting Started

If you’d like to view the official documentation and guides on getting started with Beeminder, here’s some helpful links from the official website:

Use Cases

Okay, so how exactly can this service help you improve your life? If you’d like an unofficial guide on how to use Beeminder, here are a few easy examples to get you started:

Also, be sure to check out the Featured page and integrations below for even more examples!

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Originally created by Nathan Arthur, this fan wiki is an open project of the Beeminder community. It’s distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


For information on the people who created Beeminder, visit their About Us page.